Joke Wippoo-Huisman (1951) from Hoogeveen used to be a teacher of physical education at a primary school.

Besides that, since childhood she has had a facination for textile.


During the last thirty years she has made a unique collection of jackets with the help of a loom and a sewingmachine. The jackets are for sale in art galleries and on markets.


Joke works mainly with waste materials:
It started with the waste-bias tape of the bias tape factory Dox. That's good material for weaving: it's called Popana, the technique invented by the Finnish designer Annikki Karvinen from Jyväskylä.

With this Popana makes Joke jackets with, or without sleeves.


The models shown are for sale. It could be that something has just been sold.

When you are interested in a specific model, or when you have any other questions about the collection, please contact Joke:


KVK number: 50184024